C300 Combinata 5 Lavori

C300 Combinata 5 Lavori


Our combined C300 5 jobs have a sturdy frame in folded and electro-welded steel sheet, powder coated inside and outside 200 degrees cooked, tops in normalized thick cast iron ground, all the material is certified, they mount 3 protected braking auto motors individually, they can vary the power from 2hp to 4hp according to the request. The wagon is made of very thick milled and anodized aluminum, it can vary in length according to the model or requirements, it runs on steel balls and a steel track, and it is adjustable on the smoothness. . The spindle moulder can have the desired diameter shaft, it has 4 standard speeds, the casing is large in die-cast aluminum independently adjustable on both sides, the lining of the casing is made of anodised aluminum and milled on the contact part of wood and adjustable. The saw unit is made of thick steel mounted on sectors of sintered material and can be tilted with a handwheel from 90 ° to 45 ° with adjustable stops, the saw blade has a 250mm diameter with a 30mm hole the lifting of the saw is with damped lever . The engraver is standard and carries a 90mm diameter with a 22mm hole, it is adjustable both in height and longitudinally. Parallel cutting line in anodized aluminum milled on two sides, with double reading. Large independent planing row in anodised aluminum, milled, inclinable from 90 ° to 45 ° with reading and adjustment of the stop. Square for squaring in anodized aluminum, milled on two sides, extendable up to 3200mm with adjustable reading in stainless steel and numbers engraved in black, double swivel stop for easy adjustment. The wooden support surface is made of electrowelded tubular steel, and is supported by a removable flag with eccentric adjustment. All intake vents are 120 mm in diameter.

Corresponds to the latest EC regulations.

The 1250 mm wagon is fitted as standard with a 1600mm stroke. 1600 race 1600, 1800 race 1800, 2200 race 2200

It is the right machine for the hobbyist, and is indispensable for the restorer.

The machine is built to higher standards than its category without affecting the quality / price ratio.

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