Surface-thickness-mortising planers occupies a special place among the many activities that deal with the sale of joinery objects in Italy. The company has been operating for more than 10 years, after having established numerous collaborations and partnerships with several important brands.

Thanks to the partnership with these brands, has managed to create many new machines, characterized by the presence of numerous accessories that make the tools exclusive. It is no coincidence that the woodworking tools made by are sold not only in Italy, but also far from its borders: currently the company presents its products during fairs abroad, showing all the quality of Made in Italy.

The machines presented, in fact, have been completely assembled in Italy: a similar peculiarity makes them even more interesting in the eyes of Italian and foreign customers.

The fame of the brand abroad has already reached extraordinary levels and continues to grow, as more and more people need accurate, innovative and reliable devices at a low cost.

Among the various accessories sold, a particular place is occupied by the professional wire-thickness planer for wood, as well as by objects such as saw toupees, the combined universal, the planers wire-thick quarry, circular saws, tape and more.

Many items have obtained various quality certifications and are purchased by professional carpenters.

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