Combined accessories

Working wood, at a time when you are moving away from more traditional and purely manual craftsmanship, needs to get an adequate equipment. It is not enough to buy suitable machinery, with certified safety systems and high production standards, but you need the necessary to efficiently produce any piece. This is where the accessories for wood combinations come into play, a term that may be difficult for some.

What are the accessories for combined from wood and what they are
Sale of combined accessories in woodA combined machine for wood is nothing more than a tool that allows various types of processing, forming real machining centers, usually equipped with one or more motors. Although their use is also possible in the hobby field, it is however more probable to find this type of machines in the companies, where the production needs to have an average time of realization for piece reduced and, Hence, it requires mastery in using these advanced tools.
The components that make up the various combinations can vary: from planer to toupee, from quarry to cart to square. The many and different needs of craftsmen and companies require to be able to choose between various types of combination, a choice that in the catalog of is more than ample.

Although many carpenters and professional workers prefer to have larger and independent machines, depending on the type of industrial production, it is not uncommon to find these tools arranged in series within the halls, where workers can speed up the creation of objects.

Because of their flexibility, there are catalogues for the combined, defined at 2, 3, 4 or more processes. There are also so-called “separate combinations”, which combine the functions of two machines, usually joined by the same bench and equipped with one, two, or more engines of power commensurate with the number of equipment. Their advantage is to allow two people to work with the same machine at the same time, but they need some additional external accessories to facilitate operations.
To give an example, a double combination needs to have at hand a professional vacuum cleaner, with which to remove half chips and leftovers of the work, to keep the worktop accessible and avoid problems related to the accumulation of waste material.

The accessories for these machines can vary a lot: from additional or replacement bearings, to knives, blades, shovels and everything you need to allow more specific machining and, above all, keep the equipment in good health. quality and reliability in the sale of accessories for wood combination can count on many years of experience and a team of woodworking professionals. If our official history begins in 2008 with the current brand, most of our staff comes from Sicar, a company operating since the last century in the sector and which, in 2016, we acquired under the brand
Today, therefore, we are the only company in the world that can offer accessories and spare parts not only for its machines, but also for those registered Sicar. In fact, part of our technical team is constantly engaged in offering assistance and ordinary or extraordinary maintenance for the group’s machinery, thus ensuring complete coverage to any industrial or hobby reality.


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